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Not everything in life is simple, but your website can be.

Get a professional website that fully expresses your brand and differentiates your small business from your competition.

Communicate with a single point of contact and get straightforward answers and solutions.

Save time and money, in both the short-term and long-term. Focus your attention on the key activities that will grow your business.

Evolve your website as your business grows. We can update design, content, and functionality as we go.

Professionally Executed Design

Regardless of how amazing a do-it-yourself website builder is, there’s still room to make foundational design mistakes. Have a professional designer build your site and look like you have better stuff to do with your weekend than tinker with a template.

No limits.

Whatever functionality you need on the site, there’s an elegant and good-looking way to do it. And, of course, you can have as many pages as you want.

Mobile/Responsive Optimization.

Your site will look good and behave properly regardless of what size screen it’s viewed on. So when people find you whilst googling on their phone, your site’s going to be ready for them.

Load Speed Optimization.

How fast pages load is not only important to your visitors, but it’s also an increasingly important factor for search engine optimization. We’ll set up advanced caching & delivery techniques to make your pages load as quickly as possible.

Evolve Over Time.

Once a website is launched, the work has just begun. Here’s what you get with the concierge service:

Design & Functionality Changes.

If you want to add a shopping cart, sell videos, start a blog, add an email newsletter signup box, or simply want to tweak some colors – we’ll get it done, usually within a couple days.

"Hands Free" Content Updates.

Now when you want to change some text, swap an image, or add a video to the site, you don’t have to tinker with the control panel, you can just send an email. Most minor changes like this get done within 24 hours. (You can still make changes yourself of course, but you no longer have to do it yourself.)

Analytics & Reporting.

More than simply installing the analytics tracking code, we’ll set up goal reporting so we can get a better idea of how your website is truly affecting your business. We’ll also be able to link in data from Google webmaster tools in order to see where your pages are ranking in Google search results (and how your rankings change over time).

Added Security & Monitoring.

The average site gets attacked by spambots at least once a day – popular sites are almost constantly under attack. We’ll set up additional security measures, plug up security holes, and monitor activity to make sure the site is as secure as possible.

Cloud Backups.

In case something bad does happen, we’ll be able to recover quickly. Your site will be backed up daily, and the backups will be stored in the cloud separately from your website. Since they’re stored separately, the backups are sure to be unaffected by any problems that arise on the hosting server.

Upgrades & Maintenance.

Finally, the site will be upgraded and maintained as new releases of WordPress and 3rd party plugins become available. We’ll keep everything updated and test to make sure upgrades don’t unexpectedly break anything on your site.

Focus On What Matters.

Anything regarding the website, you now have a single point of contact who makes changes, fixes issues, and answers questions so your website will no longer be a source of stress.

That frees up your time and mental energy to do whatever it is that you do best, and grow your business.

What People Are Saying

I really like your approach.

Lori Ens

Holistic Practitioner, Niagara Falls

“There are no words suited enough to express how grateful I am for all of your work!”

Petra Sprecher

Stuntwoman & Actress, Los Angeles

I love it! Lets get it live.

Mary Wang

Pilates Studio Owner, Farmington CT

“It looks great! A refreshing update on what we have right now for sure.”

Natalie Schneider

109st Massage, Edmonton AB

Frequently Answered Questions:

Can I test the service out first?

Yes – We’ll start out with a staging site so you can see how the website will look, and so you can get a sense of what it’s like to work with us. Once you’re confident in the service and in the direction of the site, we’ll set up your subscription and launch the site when it’s ready.

Can we start from scratch?

Definitely – in fact that’s preferred. We’ll work with you until you’re happy with the design, then we’ll build it out and set up all the pages.

What functionality is included?

Each site is custom built for your business, so there are no generic limitations on your site. We can set up a shopping cart, integrate with Mailchimp or Constant contact, add a “members only” section to the site, add event calendars and schedules, photo/video galleries, whatever you need, just ask.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely – there are no contracts or term commitments. Also, everything we create for you is yours to keep. If you do decide the service isn’t working out, we’ll provide you with everything needed to get the website we built for you online somewhere else.

Can you take over an existing site?

It depends. If your website is WordPress-based, and the theme you’re using is well-coded, we’d consider it. For security and sanity reasons, we tend to prefer working on sites we built ourselves.

Answers and advice are always free. Just ask.

Ask a question about your website and get back a straightforward answer from an expert. Want to know how to edit a certain part of your site? Want to know how to add a newsletter signup widget to your site? Want to know how to secure your site against hackers?

Use the form below to get in touch or just ask: [email protected] 

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