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Convert your designs from PSD format to Wordpress Templates with our service.
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  • SEO & Load-speed optimized
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Responsive Layouts
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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Do you produce more than a handful of Wordpress sites per month?

If you're building out the themes yourself, you know it takes a lot of time. With that time, just imagine how many more sites you could design and how much more business you could bring in.

And if someone already does it for you, you're probably spending too much money for too little quality.

The Deluxious PSD to Wordpress service is the most cost-effective way to save time, take on more projects, and focus on what really matters.

"Far and away the most positive experience I've had with outsourcing wp development."
-Annette J.

Over 40 agencies in seven countries and across four time zones
love the Deluxious PSD to Wordpress service. Here’s why:

  • Guaranteed Quality.

  • Pixel-Perfect Conversion.

    Photoshop To Wordpress Conversion Process

    The theme we create for you will match your original design to the pixel.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility.

    Our Wordpress themes are cross-browser compatible.

    Your Wordpress theme will look great in all major browsers. This includes Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, mobile Safari, Opera Mini, Android, and Blackberry.

  • Responsive Layouts.

    Themes we create look good on mobile, tablet, and desktop displays.

    We don’t charge extra for responsive design. When sending over a new project, include layouts of what the site should look like at various screen widths. We’ll make your site scale elegantly from the desktop down to small mobile screens.

  • Load Speed Optimized.

    We test for load speed optimization.

    We use the latest techniques to maximize site speed for our themes. This includes image and sprite optimization, efficient CSS selectors and property definitions, and minimal structural markup.

  • SEO Optimized.

    We optimize our WordPress themes to be easily crawled and indexed by search engines.

    Clean, semantic HTML means search engine robots can index your pages faster. We also optimize document architecture so important content appears higher in the document hierarchy.

  • "The fact you got this much done in two days is amazing. I've got a couple more if that's cool, will send them to you as soon as we're finished with the designs. Thanks!"
    -Paul B.
  • Hand-Coded to W3C and Wordpress Standards.

    Wordpress & W3C Standards

    Your Wordpress theme is as “future-proof” as it can be. We handcraft all your code so it adheres to standards and best practices of both Wordpress and the W3C.

  • Semantics Using HTML5.

    HTML 5 Semantics

    Semantics add meaning to the structure of your pages. This helps machines like Googlebot and screen readers understand what your page, and your site is about.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    Our PSD to Wordpress service is 100% Money Back Guaranteed

    If you don’t like something about your theme, we’ll fix it. If for some reason we’re unable to, we’ll refund the entire cost of the project.

Starting a PSD to Wordpress conversion project is easy and begins
with a review of your design - which doesn't cost you anything.
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  • Unbeatable Value.

  • "Good chat. It's good to finally find someone with the prices we're looking for that can actually speak english."
    -Andy H.
  • Lifetime Bug Fixes and Support.

    Get the Wordpres help you need.

    As long as the theme is in use, we’re available to fix bugs or solve issues with the theme if they arise.

  • Clear Communication with Native-English Speakers.

    Deluxious is easy to communicate with.

    Your instructions, comments, and design objectives are never lost in translation. You don’t have to dumb down your emails to a 3nd-grade reading level to communicate with us.

  • Fast Support Response Times.

    Fast email response times.

    Our service coordinators do a great job of keeping on top of emails and responding promptly. Our average email response time is less than 90 minutes.

  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Control.

    We use various tools to test each Wordpress theme we create.

    Each theme we create goes through a series of detailed tests to make sure it works. We test for browser compatibility, search engine indexing, plugin compatibility, and site speed performance.

  • Free Theme Installation & Setup.

    We'll install your Wordpress theme for you!

    Save even more time. Let us install and set up the new theme on your server. We can even install and configure plugins, or a completely new Wordpress installation.

  • "Clearly the best value we've found so far."
    -Rachael W.
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Get your Wordpress theme in as little as two days.
  • Fast, Reliable Service.

  • Large Team of Experienced Developers.

    Our PSD to Wordpress conversion team is all over the world.

    Our production team is tightly knit and centrally managed. We're talented, motivated designers and developers from five continents. We’re always working.

  • Capacity to Handle Workload Spikes.

    We handle spikes in workload effectively.

    The way we organize teams and workflow lets us handle big spikes in workload. So feel free to land that huge project!

  • Knowledgeable Support.

    Get your Wordpress questions answered.

    Our service coordinators are well versed in Wordpress and internet technology as a whole. Feel free to ask questions about best practices, gotchas, and the technical possibilities with Wordpress, CSS, and jQuery.

  • Easy Project Initiation.

    It is easy to start a PSD to Wordpress project.

    We make starting a PSD to Wordpress conversion easy. You can either use our order form or just send an email to service@deluxious.com along with a link to your design files. Find out more about how PSD to Wordpress with Deluxious works.

  • Custom Programming and Functionality.

    We can build custom functionality into your wordpress sites.

    Does your project require some advanced features that aren't available with the default installation of Wordpress? First, we can look for an existing plugin that will work for you. If not, we can build custom Wordpress plugins for practically any situation.

  • "You guys make me look good."
    -Brian W.
  • 2-day Turnaround Available.

    Deluxious PSD to Wordpress service is fast.

    We’re fast. Finish a design on Friday afternoon and send it over. Relax all weekend. Start using your new Wordpress site on Monday morning. It’s that simple, and we do it all the time.

Deluxious built over 350 Wordpress Themes for Clients in 2012.

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